Simple Guide To Pick Your Best Computer

This article won’t give you a long list of the major brands and their production lines and make it worst with a long description too, you are bored YES -_-, However we will make it easy for you to make your own smart purchase and just with this basic guide you won’t need to go through the hassle of searching in a lists of computers someone else made to meet his needs as you already know people have different backgrounds, views, beliefs, psychology even mood and feelings can influence their choice.

Assume we have two computers A and B,  A beats B in terms of specs but they have the same price, wait for what ?? I will choose A, OK that’s your choice however not everyone will agree with you as we said earlier choosing your personal PC depends on some factors.
Some of us may choose B why ?? because B is better than A when it comes to design
there are people who prefer specific specs over the others. Choosing the right computers is not that hard actually after this
simple guide.

  • How will I use my computer?
  • How much I am willing to spend?

All depends on your needs,

Light usage: basic stuff like surfing web, checking your email , sharing your photos with friends and family,  this bring us to “Chromebooks” having the most elegant design and it’s light weight gadget, the operating system(Chrome OS) was build around security, Google employees use it to access its internal network, if not Chromebooks, you can look for laptop with 4Gb of RAM and Intel i3 or i5 Processor for graphic card today Processors come with integrated Graphic, 14 inch display is perfect .

chromebook pixel
Google Chromebook Pixel

Medium usage: you need a mid-range laptop that fits perfectly between the two worlds and delivers good performance with great design, from playing games with less resource demanding to photo editing and programming. Laptop with 8Gb of RAM and i5 or i7 fifth or sixth generation with mid-range dedicated graphic card like Nvidia GTX 980, 14 or 15.6-inch display

Asus ZenBook UX310UA
Asus ZenBook UX310UA/Asus

 High usage: when it comes to this point Gaming laptops are the perfect choice for a decent price you get the best of everything latest Intel or AMD Processor and the best of Nvidia graphic card

Razer blade 2017
Razer Blade 2017

All laptop and hardware manufacturers are working hard to come up with new technologies to improve their products and keeping up with them is waste of time and money if you want a monster machine you can buy a desktop and upgrade any piece of hardware you want. that’s been said and for the laptop, the smart purchase is to look for business laptops because they were designed to last longer and with the possibility to upgrade some parts.



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