Computers today are everywhere and we use them almost in everything so why we don’t  refresh our head about computers and what they really are ?

According to wikipedia

A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. The ability of computers to follow generalized sequences of operations, called programs, enable them to perform a wide range of tasks.

Now lets take a look at the main hardware parts of our computer system. Below this diagram show us the general structure of a typical computer

Computer structure diagram

Input devices: Is a computer components that is responsible for providing data for computer to process, this is how computer interacts with outside world. example:keyboard, mouse…etc.

Processor(or CPU): Is the brain of the computer system and it do all the processing of data, the CPU  think and execute according to data and provided instructions.

example:Intel Pentium, AMD…etc.

Main memory: Known as RAM(random access memory) used to temporarily store programs instructions and data for the processor to manipulate.It needs power to maintain its functions so when power is lost, the information is lost too.

The access time for read and write operation is much faster than storage device typically 0.625ns for DDR3-1600 and much faster DDR4-4266 with 0.234ns

Storage devices: This allows computer to store large amount of data for us to access or later use even after power loss.

example:solid state drivers(SSD drive), disk driver…etc.

Output devices: It receives any data from computer and generally we talk about displaying , projection , storing.

example: display monitor, printer, USB drive…etc. 

Every day pass we see new technologies and improvements for computers, users can’t catch up with every trends, they may not fully understand so this puts them in hard decision when choosing new gadget to meet their needs, Computer Yard is here to help you with that , In next article we gonna talk about the best methods to choose your perfect computer.  



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