Let’s talk about Ubuntu Linux distribution

First, for this article, we will use “Linux” and “GNU/Linux” terms interchangeably 
You want to free yourself from restrictive operating systems and have full control over you system and your machine resources start with embarrassing open source software.
Ubuntu is different from other distros because it’s easy to use design, Ubuntu means

“humanity to others” or “I am what I am because of who we all are”

This philosophy of Ubuntu is meant to connect humanity through the act of sharing, this beautiful philosophy is derived from the language of Nguni people from South Africa
Ubuntu was designed to be available for everyone from normal user to experts.Newcomers to open source and mostly Linux world and those who want to refresh or expand their knowledge about operating systems.
Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions, having rich and very active
the community around it makes it easy to get the answer for any question and it has large
collections of software in every category, range from programming to official and home utility and it’s free to use and modify to meet your needs, you can customize every corner of the system as you want , it’s secure, however, to be honest  this depends on the user configuration and his understanding of the system but don’t let this scares you, Ubuntu default security setting is much better than other operating systems security settings,  but if you are security paranoid you can try Tails OS  .

Why installing Ubuntu Linux Distribution

Installing Ubuntu as your main operating system has it’s advantage on your productivity, after getting used to it’s working environment you will be able to do almost everything much faster and you won’t spend most of your time learning new tools   , Most of the time Ubuntu command line is your best friend, what is the worst thing could happen to a user more than system crash and because of that Ubuntu Linux is very stable and you won’t live the paint of the  famous “Blue Screen of Death”  on Microsoft Windows operating system.

Blue Screen of Death
Blue Screen of Death /source: Wikipedia

Making software installation and updates never been easier like on Ubuntu and it’s done from command line.


Linux is great to open source technology it changed the perspective of the industry, making different worlds, ideologies contribute to the work of community development resulting in industrial growth.




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